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F.O.G. Cosmetics is a new line of color cosmetics for all skin types and color.  We are also a team of Professional Make Up Artists and Independent Make Up Consultants who are educators and experts in the field of beauty.  In this day and age where the concept of image has been distorted, our philosophy is “Enhancing Beauty, Not Covering It Up.”   It is with this thought in mind that we would like to introduce a cutting-edge Cosmetic and Beauty Workshop that will be excellent for you and your friends.

We believe that education should be fun and engaging.  Our workshop is centered around a creative approach to a positive self image.   We focus on and discuss two key areas in “Enhancing Beauty, Not Covering It Up”; which are Understanding Beauty and Enhancing Beauty through Application.

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2 Hours
In our interactive “Quick-Face” Clinic for the every day woman, our professional makeup artist will teach you how to obtain a flawless face with minimum makeup in just minutes, how to choose colors that fit your skin type, and the correct use of cosmetic tools. Included in the price is out Total Face Kit that holds everything for your face all in one place, and is customizable and refillable! Our workshop is designed for adults and youths in private or in groups. Host a class today and inquire about our group discounts!

7 Hours
This workshop is open to anybody that would like to learn a new lucrative trait. In this 1-day course you will learn how to professionally apply individual clusters eyelashes one-by-one. You and your clients can enjoy longer, fuller, more natural looking eyelashes without having to worry about false strips. The individual cluster lash kit that you will receive upon enrollment has everything you need to get started as a professional eyelash technician.

6 Hours
Interested in becoming a professional makeup artist for F.O.G. Cosmetics? Register now for our next orientation class!

4 Hours
Interested in earning extra revenue as a sales representative for F.O.G. Cosmetics? Register now for our next orientation class!


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